Contest Every Race is a coalition with a clear goal — we work with anyone who will support local Democratic candidates and invest with us in the long-term capacity of Democratic and progressive organizing infrastructure outside of major cities.
Our major partners are Democratic State Party leadership. We’ve worked closely with state and local parties in 34+ states and with over 1,500 county party chairs. We also work closely with groups doing candidate recruitment and training, and with large organizations like MoveOn who recruit their members to run.
We’ve also collaborated deeply with many national and state focused candidate recruitment, candidate support, and party support organizations like Run for Something, Pipeline Fund, the National Democratic Training Committee, Democratic Rural Caucuses and rural oriented groups, and many more.

What Our Partners Say

“I am very impressed with whatever y’all did because it WORKED. I got more contacts than with any other thing I have tried. I am beyond pleased with this.”
Sandy Young, Chair - Medina County, TX Democratic Party
"Working with Contest Every Race was a joy. With their help we were able to recruit local candidates all over Oklahoma that wouldn't have run otherwise. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future."
Anna Langthorn - Former Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair
"We were exceptionally pleased with the work and professionalism performed in our state. This was the first time we had recruited in this manner and the response was overwhelming. Due to the hard work of Contest Every Race, their efforts led to candidates qualifying at the county, district and state level that would not have done so without their initial contact and follow up."
Bobby Moak - Mississippi Democratic Party Chair
"Candidate recruiting presents many challenges for state parties, especially when your state is large and predominantly rural like Kansas. Contest Every Race was very helpful in reaching across our wide state to tap into willing volunteers to step up and run at all levels, from precinct committee members to state legislators. This is a great supplemental tool for increasing your recruiting ability."
Vicki Hiatt - Former Kansas Democratic Party Vice Chair
"With the bulk of our limited resources focused on statewide and federal campaigns, Contest Every Race filled a recruitment gap by helping Democrats run in local races, keeping us competitive where it counts: state and local level government. The only way to win back our state legislature from Republican control is by supporting Democratic candidates as they run in red and purple districts. Contest Every Race was able to help us find candidates that would not have been able to run without their help."
Sandy Travis Perron - Broward County Democratic Party Executive Director