April 15, 2024
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Contest Every Race Local Partners Scale Up Rural Organizing (April Update)

Read about what Contest Every Race local partners have been up to in the past month!
Contest Every Race Staff

Our over 300 Contest Every Race county grantees participate in strategic actions every month that target specific goals. In the month of March, our on-the-ground partners went above and beyond to engage with more volunteers, building historically large volunteer teams to ramp up voter contact this summer and fall.

Quick background- the Contest Every Race organizing program has a single goal: boost capacity of rural orgs. to recruit volunteers and turn out greater numbers of voters. By increasing turnout percentage, we can flip important local, statewide and federal races. We give county party organizations $500/quarter, unlimited free texting capacity, an organizer, and innovative, evidence-backed organizing tactics.

Contest Every Race Organizing program wins for the month of March: 

  • 1,386 completed volunteer shifts
  • 364 candidates recruited for local office
  • 43 social events hosted- with at least 20 attendees!
  • 33 fundraisers hosted- raising at least $500 each!
  • 39,055 door attempts
  • 25,284  phone attempts

Now let’s look at some of these numbers in action!

All Eyes on Arizona

Democrats in La Paz County, Arizona, were kept busy completing volunteer shifts at the County Fair. Being out in the community this way is a fantastic way to boost visibility, and who doesn’t like taking a lunch break for fair food? With Arizona being a critical state with an open Senate seat this year, La Paz County Dems are fired up to support Ruben Gallego and all pro-democracy candidates, up and down the ballot. With last week’s State Supreme Court Ruling being the most restrictive abortion ban in the country, we know that Arizonans of all affiliations will be heading to the polls this fall with gusto. We can’t wait to see the fruits of their labor come November! 

Nothing says volunteerism like cleaning up the community! La Paz County Dems hit the streets as part of the “Adopt-a-Highway” clean up program. Clean up programs like this serve as team building events and also build trust, goodwill and interest from the community. Thanks for making your community greener and cleaner, La Paz County Dems! 

New Digs for Wisconsin

Having a space to gather in community makes a world of difference for any effort- and political organizing is no exception. This month, the Marquette County Dems out of the great state of Wisconsin were kept busy planning the grand opening of their county office, something that they are able to do because of funding from the Contest Every Race grants program. Not only is having an office space one of the best things groups can do to boost visibility in the community, it is a surefire way to facilitate important gatherings, relationship building, and a sense of camaraderie that is unmatchable in any virtual setting. We are thrilled for our partners in Marquette County and excited to see how having a headquarters amplifies their already significant impact!

Keeping it Punny in West Virginia 

Humor goes a long way- and donuts surely help. The Democrats of Randolph County applied those very lessons as they planned their County Democratic Convention. With a focus on electing delegates to the state convention and recruiting interested folks to consider running themselves. These face-to-face meetings provide the level of connection that community organizing needs to thrive. We all know that strong relationships are fundamental to our long term success. When we couple those relationships with strategic planning, we are unstoppable! 

Thank you, Grantees!

From each and every staff member at Contest Every Race, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for the commitment you have demonstrated to this important work not only in the month of March, but every month of the year- and election cycle! We are constantly impressed, inspired, and energized by stories that come from completing monthly actions. Thank you for all that you do!